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Both the Favelle Favco and Kroll tower cranes are known as high performance cranes.

Our aim is simple, by lifting heavier and quicker, our robust machines increase the productivity of your projects by reducing fabrication sitework, providing quicker lifts and low downtime.

Kroll cranes are heavy lifting electric hammerhead cranes. The K-series crane sizes range from 70 metre tonnes to 25000 metre tonnes. Kroll is the market leader for giant cranes and it is not difficult to see why. Our philosophy is to build tough and reliable cranes. This philosophy transcends all our design decisions and can be seen in the choice of high quality components used.

The cranes are protected using an aluminium spray which bonds with the steel ensuring that the steel is protected for its entire lifetime. It is some of these features which contribute to the high quality that may cost a little more up front, but they reward operators with a lower total lifetime cost.

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Favelle Favco cranes are well known as high speed diesel hydraulic luffing cranes. The M-series crane sizes range from 60 metre tonnes to 2000 metre tonnes.

This series has the distinguished track record of having build 11 out of 13 of the world’s tallest buildings. It is especially suitable for projects where electricity is not readily available.

Favelle Favco is also proud to be the only tower crane solution provider to offer cranes that can be both diesel or electric powered. Whatever your job requires and wherever the location may be, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing diesel or electric cranes that best suit the task at hand.

With our offshore experience of building cranes up to 1200t capacity, we are ready to design a custom machine for you of any size to suit your needs.



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